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Can Janet Yellen really help you with your investing?

Source: Yahoo Finance

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John Bogle’s Investing Genius Needs An Update

Now before I commit blasphemy, a few words: I am as close to being a Boglehead as you will find, without actually being one. The bulk of my portfolio is in passive indexes. Most of the assets I manage are in a broad allocation model. This is a tribute to the wisdom and teachings of investing…Read More

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Bull and Bear Market Durations

Source: Business Insider

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The Activist Investor Scorecard

Source: NY Times

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Asset Class Returns vs. “The Average Investor”

This chart tells us three things: 1) People are obviously doing something wrong very wrong with their investment dollars; 2) Attempts at generating Alpha end up costing most investors their Beta; 3) Irrationality, emotions, and cognitive errors are the underlying cause of this poor performance.   Source: ValueWalk

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“I come not to praise forecasters but to bury them.”

>   My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at why It’s time to market forecasters to admit the errors of their ways. It is yet another look at the parade of really bad forecasts we get treated to constantly in the world of investing and finance. Here’s an excerpt…Read More

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Last Slot Left for Seattle

Wow, that was quick! We have one or two slots left to meet with folks in Seattle during the week of January 20th (I am coming into town to interview Howard Marks at the CFA dinner). For those of you who are familiar with my investing philosophy, this is an opportunity for a more in…Read More

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Bill Gross Defends His Record

Last year was a time of change and controversy for Bill Gross: His unplanned exit from Pacific Investment Management Co. in September, a whisper campaign before the palace coup, a new job at Janus Capital. Amid all this, Gross is most upset about one thing: Despite 40 years at the top of the fixed-income world,…Read More

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Coming to Seattle !

  The week of January 20th, I will be in Seattle to interview Howard Marks at the CFA dinner. I will also be visiting a few clients and prospective clients in the area as well. Many of you are familiar with my investing philosophy, but this is an opportunity to have a more in depth and personal…Read More

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Seattle CFA Annual Dinner 2015

Later this month, on January 22, I will be interviewing OakTree Capital’s Howard Marks — a mini Live and in person MiB — at the Seattle CFA Society’s annual dinner:

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seattle cfa 2015

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