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Happy New Year: You Are A Useless Moron that Sucks

Over the holiday vacation, I try to kick back a bit, unwind, recharge the batteries. But I still scan my favorite media sources and blogs for interesting ideas.

One that stood out was a short post from Greg Harmon of Dragonfly Capital. Titled “We Are All Useless Morons that Suck,” it actually made me laugh out loud. Greg fearlessly pointed out a truth that is ignored by all too many investors: This trading thingie is really not your forté:

“Let’s face it: You suck at investing. Your adviser sucks at investing, too.

If you had picked the best stock to buy every day you could have turned $1,000 into $264 billion by mid December. That is a 26.4 billion percent return. Did you even get a 1 billion percent return? How about 1 million percent? 1000%? 100%? If you did not hit a 100% return then you did not get even 4/10 millionths of what was out there.”

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All 10 Stock Sectors Post Gains in Big Year

click for interactive graphic Source: WSJ

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Investment Fads and Themes, 1996-2013

Another year in the books and I’ve updated my Investing Fads and Themes by Year guide accordingly. It begins with 1996 because that was my first summer working on The Street and my earliest exposure to the market. I do this every December because I agree with the eminent philosopher Bob Marley when he reminds us “If you…Read More

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10 Terms Investment Pros Use to Raise Money

You are easily dazzled by words that sound more sophisticated than they really are. You are totally aware of this – and yet you remain susceptible. Using hundred-dollar words where a five-dollar word will do is a time-honored, traditional selling tactic on Wall Street and in the hedge fund / asset management world as well….Read More

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How Much Cash Should You Hold In A Portfolio?

How much cash should you hold in your portfolio? By Barry Ritholtz, Washington Post December 13, 10:19 AM   When people discuss their investing portfolios, they typically refer to the stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate they hold. The conversation might also include model weightings, tilt toward and away from different asset classes, and rebalancing….Read More

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How Overheated Is the Art Market? Maybe Not So Much

Earlier this week, Felix Salmon did a sensible thing. Instead of fulminating against the rising prices of the art market and declaring it a bubble that must necessarily burst, he asked the good people at Artnet—the very folks who brought price transparency to the art market—to produce a chart for him of 25 top artists…Read More

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Am I Too Bullish?

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to push back against the usual contingent of bears. In particular, I have argued that this bull cycle is not yet over, markets are not in bubble and that people have been sitting for too long in way too much cash. John Coumarianos of the Institutional…Read More

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Forward Markets: Macro Strategy Review

December 20 Our family at Forward hopes you and your family have a holiday season filled with happiness and joy. Forward Markets: Macro Strategy Review Macro Factors and Their Impact on Monetary Policy, The Economy and Financial Markets Federal Reserve “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Don’t give up too easily; persistence…Read More

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What Is the Right Amount of Cash In Your Portfolio?

  > My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at the question of How much cash should you hold in your portfolio?. This is yet another column  that looks like its about investing but really is about psychology.  As I noted prior, people have been sitting on big piles…Read More

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Josh Brown: Investment Fads and Themes

Source: Reformed Broker   Every year, my colleague Josh Brown puts out a collection of “Investment Fads and Themes.” This year is no different. His half dozen themes for 2013 (in no particular order) are Elon Musk Stocks, Smart Beta, Long Nikkei/Short Yen, Bitcoin, Buybacks, and Carl Icahn: American Badass. Rather than try to explain…Read More

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