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Jobs Act 2012 a Recipe for Fraud

Bill Black: The “Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act” will create a race to the regulatory bottom

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Less than meets the eye at Facebook

Less than meets the eye at Facebook Barry Ritholtz, Washington Post February 11, 2012 > Facebook is valued at “plenty” By Wall Street’s tech cognoscenti, Take 1 billion friends Times 5 dollars, then Times IPO multiple: 20! — Limericks Économiques > Last week, I made a surprising discovery about Facebook: It has far fewer “active”…Read More

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Yelp Going Public; Billions to Flow to Reviewers

No, not really. I am as much of a Yelp fan as I am a Facebook fan — which is to say, not much at all. As a writer, I find the write-for-free-we’re-going-public approach of Yelp/Huff Po/Seeking Alpha utterly reprehensible. As a gourmand — and a fat bastard — I prefer the Zagat model. There…Read More

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What Is Facebook Really Worth?

> My Washington Post Sunday Business column is out. This morning, we look at how overvalued the $100 billion dollar Facebook IPO is. The print version had the full headline What’s Facebook worth? Much less than advertised — in the online edition, it was Less than meets the eye at Facebook. Its based on my…Read More

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Why @GSElevator Is a Fake

When the Twitter handle @GSElevator first launched, I followed it for a while, but soon thereafter unfollowed. Some of it was funny — very funny — but it read less like overheard true conversations, and more like what someone imagined would be overheard in a Goldie elevator. I hadn’t thought about it until a reader…Read More

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Who’s a Daily Facebook User? Anyone who clicks “Like”

I have been arguing that $100B is rather rich for Facebook. Perusing the S1, and discussing this with Bloomberg’s Dave Wilson has further confirmed this. Why? It has to do with what they consider a daily or monthly “user.” Indeed, this is extremely significant, because the excitement about Facebook’s reach and user base is driving…Read More

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IPOs: From Netscape To Facebook

In case you were unaware, IPOs are terrible investments — at least most of the time. The lottery ticket dreams keeps hope alive that this next one is going to be a giant winner. Hopes are pinned on the giant Facebook IPO, coming out at an expected 100 X earnings and 30 X revenue. Its…Read More

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FusionIQ’s Ritholtz on Facebook IPO, U.S. Economy

Barry Ritholtz, chief executive officer at FusionIQ, talks about Facebook Inc.’s initial public offering and U.S. weekly jobless claims. Ritholtz speaks with Betty Liu and Dominic Chu on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”

Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) -

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Facebook IPO by the Numbers

From Statista via Mashable: (some of those Statista numbers are wrong. Facebook 2011 revenue was $3.7B, not $4.2. ad revenue $3.2B, not $3.8B)


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Facebook Valuation Formula

From the always clever Limericks Économiques: Facebook is valued at plenty By Wall Street’s high-tech cognoscenti, Based on 1 billion friends Times $5 each, then Times the IPO multiple, 20. Delightful!

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