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Breaking Down Facebook’s $100 Billion IPO

ADO via Mashable brings us this enormous infographic on Facebook’s IPO:


click for larger graphic

Ginormous graphic after the jump

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IPO: Go, No-Go?

Interesting chart via the WSJ about IPOS — which often capture the public’s attention, despite their being less than reliable investment: A dollar invested in’s 1997 IPO would today be worth about $140. A dollar invested in Webvan would be worthless. Here’s a look at some of the high-fliers and flame-outs of the Internet…Read More

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Ritholtz: Year-End Rally Likely; Groupon IPO Pricey

This was taped yesterday morning at Yahoo’s studios

Macke and Ritholtz Agree: Year-End Rally Likely, Facebook IPO Too Rich
By Aaron Task
Daily Ticker, 11/29/11

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Winners and Losers of 2011s IPO Market

From Column Five, we get this awesome 2011 IPO graphic: > click for ginormous graphic Hat tip Column Five

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Should You Invest in Groupon IPO?

Hilarity courtesy of BetaBeat: > Hat tip Josh

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Has Facebook Missed Its IPO Window?

Here is an obvious truth overlooked by too many: Almost all companies die. They have a theoretically infinite lifespan, but eventually, their day in the sun passes, their parts are sold off for scrap, they fade into the dim dusty pages of history.  Sure, Europe has centuries old breweries and specialty foods companies, but they…Read More

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