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Fed Opens Yahoo Lending Facility (YLF)

When the Microsoft-Yahoo news came out last night, I suggested that "the Fed ought to kick in
the additional $8 billion or so to make this happen."

Someone on the the Yahoo message boards of YHOO itself took the idea a step further:

"In response to recent events Federal Reserve Board voted unanimously
to authorize the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to create Yahoo
Lending Facility (YLF) to avoid significant stock market distruption
and to support Yahoo! Inc shares. Yahoo! Inc and its authorized agents
will be able to borrow from the facility to support stock price.

This facility will be available for business on Monday, May 5. It
will be in place for at least six months and may be extended as
conditions warrant. The interest rate charged on the credit will be the
same as the primary credit rate, or discount rate, at the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York.

In addition, Yahoo! Inc shareholders who are unable to sell their
shares at or above Friday, May 2 closing price, will be able to swap
Yahoo! shares for the US Treasuries at the set price of $29.70 per

Fed opens Yahoo Lending Facility   3-May-08 11:58 pm


Hat tip: John Borchers

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