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Gee, Warren Must Be Busy

That latest rumor making the rounds is that Blackrockstone is interesting in buying all or a substantial stake in Lehman Brothers (LEH).

The usual nonsensical rumor — that Buffett was going to be the buyer — has become so discredited that a new patsy needed to be named. Blackrock did participate in the now upside secondary, so perhaps they want some more pain.

I wonder when the SEC is going to investigate this steaming pile of enzyme free donkey fazoo . . .

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Lehman posts Jumbo $3B Loss; To Raise $6B

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More Financial Turmoil

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Buffett Sees ‘Plenty’ of European Acquisition Targets

Huge, nearly an hour long Buffett video, via Bloomberg:

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Billionaire Warren Buffett speaks at a news conference in Frankfurt at the start of a four-city European tour about his investment strategy and plans to add European companies to the portfolio of his investment and holding company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Eitan Wertheimer, president of Israel’s Iscar Metalworking Cos., also speaks.

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Buffett Sees ‘Plenty’ of European Acquisition Targets: Video
Bloomberg, May 19 2008

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What Is Yahoo Actually Worth, Part II ?

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Good Morning

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Huge Project in the Works!

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What Is Yahoo Actually Worth ?

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Fed Opens Yahoo Lending Facility (YLF)

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Ballmer, Yang Agree to See Other People

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