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S&P 500 Intra-Year Declines

Interesting chart:

Source: JP Morgan

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Life Rules

1. Karma exists. It may not be instant like in that John Lennon song, but it happens. May take a long time, might not be easily seen, may not be visible to anybody but you, the one who was scathed, but it’s real. 2. Niceness triumphs. Although no one can be nice all the time….Read More

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The Epic Sell Off in Chinese Stocks (by the numbers)

I love this “By-the-Numbers” piece on the carnage in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index by Bloomberg:     Source: Bloomberg       Source: Bloomberg     Source: Bloomberg     Source: Bloomberg     Source: Bloomberg       Source: Bloomberg     Check out the entire piece here.      

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How to Destroy A Market, China-Style

Click for ginormous chart A market, by definition, is a place where buyers and sellers can come together to exchange goods and services. That involves buying and selling those goods. Once you eliminate that free trading, you no longer have a market. Then there is China, where the authorities have suspended the sale of half of the…Read More

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Colbert Shows How to React to a Market Collapse


A message from the Supply Lord of The Afterscape.


Apocalypse Dow

Hat tip WSJ


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10 Thursday AM Reads

Our glitch-free morning train reads: • The US Economy is a Sea of Mediocre Tranquility (Economist’s View) see also The WTF Economy (Medium) • The Whole Story: Factors + Asset Classes (Research Affiliates) • Inside Target’s Tech Funhouse and Search for Its Next Billion-Dollar Business  (Re/Code) • Televisions Are No Longer the Screen of Choice for Kids (Adage) • Old before your time?…Read More

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Complexity of U.S. Markets

  Start your day with this fascinating chart, by Credit Suisse (circa 2013) by way of Bloomberg:   click for ginormous graphic Source: Bloomberg  

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China’s Market Policy Timeline

Monster timeline of China’s market policy changes this cycle:   click for ginormous graphic Via Bloomberg

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Long Term Drivers of Economic Growth & Profits

My favorite quarterly chart book is out. These few charts caught my eye:


click for much larger charts


Read More

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‘Wisdom of Crowds’ is Surprisingly Dumb

I had to chuckle when I read the following on Bloomberg yesterday: Paddy Power Plc said it was left “red-faced” after paying out early to gamblers who incorrectly bet that Greek voters would back an austerity referendum. Ireland’s biggest bookmaker “paid out five figures” in winnings on July 1, days before Greece rejected further austerity,…Read More

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