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Succinct Summations of Week’s Events 10.02.15

Succinct Summations for the week ending October 2nd, 2015


  1. Motor vehicle sales came in at 18.2mm, well above the 17.6mm expected.
  2. Consumer spending rose 0.4%, in line with forecasts.
  3. Core inflation rose 0.1%, in line with expectations.
  4. Case-Shiller home prices rose 5% y/o/y, slightly above the 4/9% expected rise.
  5. ADP employment came in at 200k, above the 186k expected.
  6. Markit PMI came in at 53.1, up from 53 previously.


  1. Nonfarm payrolls came in at 142k, well below the 200k expected.
  2. Pending home sales decreased 1.4%, down from 0.5% previously.
  3. Chicago PMI came in at 48.7, below the 54.5 expected.
  4. Weekly jobless claims came in at 277k, slightly above the 271k expected.
  5. ISM manufacturing came in at 50.2, down from 51.1 and slightly below expectations.
  6. Personal income rose 0.3%, below the 0.4% expected and down from 0.5% previously.
  7. Average hourly earnings were flat, versus a 0.1% expected rise.
  8. Factory orders fell 1.7%, down from 0.2% previously and below expectations.


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Commodities Return to the 1990s

    The chart above is the Bloomberg Commodity Index. It consists of baskets of common commodities, including energy, metals, foodstuffs, softs and precious metals. After a fairly flat period in the 1990s, the index leapt upward beginning in the early 2000s. The context explains the jump: High inflation, weak dollar and low interest rates….Read More

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Carl Icahn: Key Ideas for America

Carl Icahn is one of the greatest investors of his generation, if not of all time. In a recent video, he makes a variety of political points, many of which i find myself in agreement about . . . U.S. lawmakers need to end their fiscal inertia. CEOs are taking advantage of the system — as…Read More

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Ugly Day

Not a pretty day, as the Nasdaq gets whacked for 3%, and the Dow closes 1 point over 16,000:   click fir full size table

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 9.25.15

Succinct Summations for the week ending September 25th 1) Janet Yellen (I hope she is feeling better) and other Fed members speak post FOMC meeting. Lucy is putting the football down again and by week’s end Charlie Brown is stretching out ready to kick. 2) Initial jobless claims totaled 267k, 5k less than expected and…Read More

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Look out below, Commodity Stockpile Edition

We never know why futures bounce around from moment to moment, but the excuse du jour is commodity stockpiles . . .     click for updated futures   

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events for 9.18.15

Succinct Summations for the week ending September 18th   Positives: The FOMC leaves rates unchanged, remaining at maximum accommodation NAHB home builder survey came in a 62, higher than the 61 expected. Chinese retail sales increased 10.8% y/o/y, the largest increase since December. Housing permits came in at 1.17 million in August, above the 1.13…Read More

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We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History

I am at a conference in Charlotte today discussing Social Media and FinTech, but this classic (reprinted with permission) comes to us via Morgan Housel. Enjoy. ~~~ 50 Reasons We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History I recently talked to a doctor who retired after a 30-year career. I asked him how much…Read More

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The World According to Free-Float Equity Market Capitalization

Source: BAML

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How So Many of the World’s People Live In So Little Space

Source: WonkBlog

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