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How Market Tops Get Made

With all the bubble chatter and talks of over-valued stock markets, I thought it was time to have a discussion with someone is the expert on the subject. In this case, that person would be Paul Desmond, chief strategist and President of Lowry’s Research.

Desmond has spent the past five decades analyzing markets; his research is widely regarded as both unique and insightful, winning numerous awards from various Technicians groups. If you want additional background into his thinking process, have a read of this long interview I did with him in 2006 (Part I and Part II)

What I really love about his work is how empirically driven it is.

I spoke with him recently, chatting about his work in identifying market tops. Rather than focus on the usual noise Desmond, suggests anyone concerned about a top should be watching for very specific warning signs. He notes the health of a bull market can be observed by watching internal indicators that provide insight into the overall appetite for equity accumulation.

These four include:  (Continues here)

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Hulbert: Preparing for the Next Bear Market

Even if this five-year bull run does come to an end, it doesn’t mean that investors will spend too long in the throes of a bear market, MarketWatch’s Mark Hulbert says on MoneyBeat.

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Current Five-Year Bull Market Second Strongest Since WWII

Source: MarketWatch   Continues here

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Get Lucky: 5 Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I made the luckiest market call of my career. A few details and some context first, than an explanation as to why this was so lucky. In 2005, I knew something was amiss in the global markets. The various metrics we track showed that credit had become a full on bubble,…Read More

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Succinct Summations for Weeks Event (3.7.14)

Succinct Summations week ending March 7, 2014 Positives: 1. The MSCI World index has hit a new all-time high. 2. The market hit new all-time highs on Tuesday, 24 hours after a flight to safety. 3. Nonfarm payrolls came in at 175k, well ahead of the 149k expected. 4. Average hourly earnings rose 0.4% and…Read More

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Tweets of the Week

This afternoon’s column is an experiment: I was curious what would happen if I gathered my favorite tweets from the past week and put them all in one place. Might a theme emerge? Are there any important items we may have missed? How much of Twitter is simply unproductive snark-filled fun? Regardless, we ended up…Read More

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Polar Vortex be gone! At long last, the end of this terrible winter of discontent is nearing. We can say with some degree of confidence that the light at the end of tunnel is not an oncoming locomotive. Today is very likely to be the pivot day marking the end of this endless season. With…Read More

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S&P 500 Advance Decline Line Confirms New Highs

Source: BAML   Earlier today, we discussed why the new market highs are so bullish. Technicians like to look at determinants beyond prices to get a read on how a market’s internals are behaving. Stephen Suttmeier, a technical research analyst at Merrill Lynch & Co., points out that volume and breadth are just as important…Read More

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Market Highs Are Bullish, Not Bearish

With the reduction of tensions on the Black Sea, global markets rallied yesterday to multi-year highs. In the U.S., the S&P 500 closed at an all time high of 1873.91. Other markets set new multi-year or all-time highs as well. The world is breaking out. The day’s trades had barely closed, when the Johnny one-notes…Read More

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The Wolf of Wall Street: Fact vs. Fiction

Source: Yahoo Finance

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