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How This Recovery Stacks Up

There is a very interesting 3 part series at Ticker Sense; It is a collection of charts comparing this market move off of the lows with prior such bull markets.

It is titled "How This Recovery Stacks Up" and its must reading.

Part I

Part II

Part III    

I have cherry picked a few charts, which point out some of the odder aspects of this period:  weak dollar, strong corporate profits at the top of the historical range, a compressing P/E far more than previous periods, and a white hot rally in gold:

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What’s so fascinating is how truly unusual some aspects of this cycle are relative to the period since 1960. While other charts in the series show some aspects of this recovery as typical, I have highlighted the peculiar data series.

Given the unusual backdrop:  A 78% drop in the Nasdaq, and interest rates cut to 46 year lows (1% Fed Funds Rate), its not surprising that some aspects of this cycle has been rather odd . . . 

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