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Ritholtz Research & Analytics Goes Beta

Okay, the long awaited research site is now officially in Beta.

Anyone who wants to look at the public side of the site, feel free to point and click and see what needs shoring up. (Username is "beta" and Password is "tester" all lower case).

You guys have had some terrific insights; I would appreciate your feedback here (use the comments).  Note that while it seems to work fine in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 6, there are big issues with IE7 (which is also in Beta).

The roll out of this will be in phases: The initial subscription will include a regular commentary, special trading updates, and the occasional single issue focus paper (Fixed income, Golds, Iraq War, etc.).

The next phase will include some of the way cool but tweaky tech (still under development):  A stock screener with some very unique analytical features, including built in technical and fundamental scoring. Also, I have been working on some very interesting Charting features — all java based, (and outsourced to Indian programmers). There’s lots of other really cool stuff I am jazzed about in development.


Go to



To access what will be the public part of the site, you need Username "beta" and Password "tester" — all lower case . . .

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