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Petroleum Day Wrap Up

Its been sometime since our last Oil overview (All about Oil, October 2004). Lets wrap up Oil Wednesday (Alternate title: We’ve Gone Oil Crazy!) with an overview of today’s info:

All about Oil (XOI chart)
Curious as to how oil companies have done over the past 2 years?
Answer:  Spectacular

China’s Syndrome?
(commodity demand)

Much of the rise in Oil — as well as other commodities traces back to China. The people blaming terror premiums and speculators know not what they say

Oil Demand versus Capacity
As Demand has grown, Capacity (Supply) has remained the same. Thats the textbook formula for higher prices

Oil’s Lesser Role? Its all Relative
Its not the 1970s. But Oil is still a huge part of our economy

Wal-Mart versus Oil Prices   
As Oil reached multi-year highs, Wal-Mart’s stock has tumbled to multi-year lows. That’s no coincidence

China’s Thirst for Oil (and Cancer treatments)
An enormous thirst for cheap oil (especially dirty diesel) in what is rapidly becoming the world’s most polluted nation will create a Bull market for cancer treatments

Capital Spectator & Christian Science Monitor
A very good blog dedicated to economics of oil;  Also, several Christian Science Monitor articles that are quite insightful

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve
Its gonna get topped off this Summer (so what?)

Oil Research Resources
If you want to do further research, here’s a good starting point

Hope you found some of this helpful . . .

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