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Ugly Quote of the Day

Here’s an ugly quote to start your day:

"Our long-held conviction that the economy can’t sustain rapidly rising interest rates remains intact. The main reason for this is the sheer amount of debt in the system and the average consumer’s undesirable financial situation … if the economy starts showing signs of weakness, then the question begins whether the Fed will continue tightening monetary policy. If it stops and we try again to artificially induce growth, then excessive speculation will remain the only game in town, eventually leading to a spectacular collapse of the financial system."

-Elliot Gue, Ivan Martchev and Yiannis Mostrous, WSW

More on this later . . .

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Fund Flows

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Dot-Coms vs. Real Estate

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Stock Market Extremes and Portfolio Performance

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An Excuse for Bad Advice

This chart has been used primarily as an excuse for bad investment advice: Source: Marketwatch Why an excuse? It builds in an out for the advice giver: See, you just have to hold onto stocks long enough . . . then you will outperform other asset classes. Now all we need to do is figure…Read More

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The Magazine Cover Indicator Strikes Again!

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The Hardly Efficient Market

I got my first iPod (a Press loaner from Apple) the first week they came out. It was a transcendant experience, and I pounded the table to nearly everyone I knew that this was a huge winner. It made Apple stock, trading then at a pre-split price of $18, with $13 in cash, absurdly cheap….Read More

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Forward Earnings are Opinions

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Spring Forward, or Fall Back?

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Chart of the Week: Philadelphia KBW Banks Index (BKX)

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