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Chart of the Week: 10 Best Performing Dow Sectors

Despite the poor market performance in January, some sectors
managed to buck the trend: With the SPX down 2.5%, the Dow sectors highlighted
below had a very respectable month.

10 Best Performing Dow Sectors



Source: Chart of the Day

CotD notes: “The best performing sectors suggest the market
is largely focused on a strengthening global economy and the resulting increase
in demand for energy and basic materials.”

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Quote of the Day:

"[Fed Chair] Greenspan, who
consciously perfected the art of saying nothing, but saying it with exquisite
obscurity, has also done a wonderful job of rendering the Fed’s actions
ineffectual, at least when they take the form of anything but making credit
-Alan Abelson, Security and Securities, Barrons, February 7, 2005

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