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What to Do in a Market Correction

Things to try in a market correction:

• Respond emotionally, giving in to your lizard brain. It does a good job of keeping you alive, so you might as well hand over management of your portfolio to it.

• Rely on your gut instinct to lead you out of trouble. After all, your instincts helped you buy gold at $400 and sell Apple at $700, right?

Deviate from your plan, because really, what’s the point of having a plan if you can’t change it on a whim?

• Aggressively overtrade, because all of those capital gains taxes are helpful in reducing the federal deficit.

• Rely on the pundits’ market calls, because their sole interest is making sure you are comfortable in retirement.

Flail aimlessly, and with any luck, something you do will turn out well.

Hope is good. Hoping that things turn out for the best never did anyone any harm.

Panic is always an option, because that always works out so well for people.

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I Love the 80′s: 1982 Low vs 2009 Low

click for ginormnous chart Source: The Chart Store   “I Love the ’80s” was a BBC television miniseries that examined the world through the lens of 1980s pop culture. (VH1’s riff on the show can be found here). I bring up the ’80s because of a wonderful chart from Ron Griess who runs The Chart…Read More

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Correction? Yes. When? Nobody Knows.

Welcome back from the long holiday weekend. Before we left for our nation’s birthday celebration, markets had a little party of their own: The Dow had broken 17,000, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index had touched a record high and was spitting distance from crossing 2,000. Even the small-cap indexes such as the Russell 2000…Read More

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 7.3.14

Succinct Summations for the week ending July 3rd Positives: 1) The Dow crossed 17,000 for the first time ever. 2) NFP came in at 288k v 215k expected; this is the strongest 6-month period since 2006. 3) June SAAR auto sales came in at 16.92mm SAAR above the estimate of 16.38mm, 4) ADP delivered a…Read More

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Q2: Fade Forecasts and Diversify

July 1 is one of my favorite days of the year. In addition to a wealth of historical milestones today (See Jason Zweig’s, “This Day in Financial History”), and the coming July 4 holiday weekend, it also marks the start of the second half of the year. As such, it is a good time to…Read More

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MoneyBeat: Key Events from Q2

Fun informative graphic from Paul Vigna and Steve Russolillo:   click for ginormous graphic Source: WSJ MoneyBeat  

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Volatility Over the Past Century

Source: Goldman Sachs via FT Alphaville     Despite what you might have heard recently, as it turns out, periods of low volatility are not particularly unusual. Have a look at the chart nearby. It comes to us from Goldman Sachs via FT Alphaville, and it shows that spikes in volatility are quite unusual. Periods of…Read More

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Where’s the Love? Investors Shun Bull Market Rally

Bloomberg’s Barry Ritholtz examines investor sentiment about the current bull market, comparing it to past runs and whether or not it can continue to climb. He speaks on “Market Makers

Where’s the Love? Investors Shun Bull Market Rally

Bloomberg June 27 2014


Barry Ritholtz and Alix Steel discuss the new, aggressive approach taken by the U.S. government against banks. They speak on “Market Makers.”

What Prompted a Tougher U.S. Stance on Banks?

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Kiron Sarkar’s Weekly Report 28th June 2014

The Japanese PM announced details of his plans to stimulate economic growth. Whilst highlighting the key issues which need to be addressed, his proposals were sketchy, with a lack of concrete measures and unlikely to result in stronger growth anytime soon. Chinese June PMI was better than expected, reflecting mainly, I believe, the increase in…Read More

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Succinct Summations of Week’s Events 6.27.14

Succinct Summations week ending June 27th:   Positives: 1. U.S. June services flash PMI came in at 61.2 v 58 expected. 2. U of Mich. Consumer confidence came in at 82.5 vs expectations of 82. 3. May core PCE (Fed’s inflation gauge) came in at 1.5%, in line with expectations 4. Existing home sales increased…Read More

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