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Structural Bull Market ?

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This morning, I made note of the difference between secular bull and bear markets. I described secular bear markets as being longer-term, characterized by strong rallies, vicious sell-offs and earnings contractions.

Secular bull markets include an investor willingness to pay more and more for the same dollar of earnings even as stock prices rise. (I’ll revisit this issue next week.) The simplest way to think of secular markets is as longer eras driven by overriding dynamics that define the period ether positively or negatively.

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Halfway through the Correction

Last month, we discussed how we might be on the verge of a correction. We also noted the futility of trying to time the start and finish of such events. What actually matters is how you react — or overreact. As my colleague Josh Brown has observed, “since the end of World War II (1945),…Read More

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Structural Secular Markets

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Why The Ukraine Headline Does Not Pass The Sherlock Holmes Test

I mentioned on Tuesday afternoon that I did not believe the market weakness was due to Ukraine Russia tensions. From Art Cashin, UBS head of floor trading, and a 5o-year veteran of the NYSE floor, expresses the sentiment much more eloquently than I:   One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other – Or…Read More

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Last month, I spilled a considerable number of pixels explaining why Rupert Murdoch’s Time Warner bid had no significance to whether or not this is a market top. My short list included complaints of cherry picked data that somehow ignored most of Murdoch’s M&A activity over the past half century; a laughably small sample size…Read More

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Succinct Summations of Week’s Events 8.1.14

Succinct Summations week ending August 1st Positives: 1. GDP grew on a 4% annualized basis in Q2, up from -2.9% in Q1 and above expectations of 3.1%. 2. Consumer sentiment came in at 81.8, up from 81.3 and better than the 81.5 expected. 3. ISM manufacturing index came in at 57.1, up from 55.3 and…Read More

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Earnings Disappointments vs Stock prices

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The Universe of Pop Culture Bears

I woke up this morning, and true to my travel history, markets are under pressure. After I saw the futures this AM, I thought of this: Source: FastCo Design

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Where Are Clothes Manufactured?

Click for an interactive graphic. Source:

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