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Volatility Over the Past Century

Source: Goldman Sachs via FT Alphaville



Despite what you might have heard recently, as it turns out, periods of low volatility are not particularly unusual.

Have a look at the chart nearby. It comes to us from Goldman Sachs via FT Alphaville, and it shows that spikes in volatility are quite unusual. Periods of low or falling vol is what seems to fill the time between volatility spikes. Its like plains of tall grass between the occasional redwood tree.

I have no idea what this means for the markets for the next week or month. However, it does suggest that an overemphasis on either the so-called fear index or complacency could be wildly overdone.

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Where’s the Love? Investors Shun Bull Market Rally

Bloomberg’s Barry Ritholtz examines investor sentiment about the current bull market, comparing it to past runs and whether or not it can continue to climb. He speaks on “Market Makers

Where’s the Love? Investors Shun Bull Market Rally

Bloomberg June 27 2014


Barry Ritholtz and Alix Steel discuss the new, aggressive approach taken by the U.S. government against banks. They speak on “Market Makers.”

What Prompted a Tougher U.S. Stance on Banks?

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Kiron Sarkar’s Weekly Report 28th June 2014

The Japanese PM announced details of his plans to stimulate economic growth. Whilst highlighting the key issues which need to be addressed, his proposals were sketchy, with a lack of concrete measures and unlikely to result in stronger growth anytime soon. Chinese June PMI was better than expected, reflecting mainly, I believe, the increase in…Read More

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Succinct Summations of Week’s Events 6.27.14

Succinct Summations week ending June 27th:   Positives: 1. U.S. June services flash PMI came in at 61.2 v 58 expected. 2. U of Mich. Consumer confidence came in at 82.5 vs expectations of 82. 3. May core PCE (Fed’s inflation gauge) came in at 1.5%, in line with expectations 4. Existing home sales increased…Read More

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S&P 500 Rate-Sensitive Industries

Source: BofA Merrill Lynch   Really interesting chart that shows how the reaction to rate increases are highly variable by industries.

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Guest Host: Bloomberg TV with Stephanie Ruhle 10am-12pm

I am guest hosting Market Makers today with Stephanie Ruhle from 10 am-12 pm. We will be talking Markets, Inflation, Europe, Iraq, Alibabba, and lots of other good stuff. Check it out here  

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Frustrating the Majority

Jeff Saut dug into the archives for this one on Monday: “Money managers are unhappy because 70% of them are lagging the S&P 500 and see the end of another quarter approaching. Economists are unhappy because they do not know what to believe: this month’s forecast of a strong economy or last month’s forecast of…Read More

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Kiron Sarkar’s Weekly Report for 6.21.14

Over the last few months, US data suggests that inflationary pressures have been building up. May CPI rose to +2.1% Y/Y, with the core rate at 2.0%. However, the FED does not believe that inflation will pose a problem. Whilst being more upbeat on the economy, it forecast that core PCE (its preferred inflation measure)…Read More

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Succinct Summation of Events Week Ending 6.20.14

Succinct Summations week ending June 20th Positives: 1. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 both made new 52-week highs. 2. AAII bullish sentiment weekly decline was the largest drop since January. 3. Homebuilder sentiment climbed from 45 to 49 vs 47 expected. 4. Philly Fed came in higher than expected for the 4th straight month. 5….Read More

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How Bee Hives Are Like Stock Markets

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