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Chart of the Week: Arms Index

Arms Index 10 Day Moving Average (2 years)

As the two-year chart of the ARMS index shows, there have been several false signals since the bubble popped in 2000.

Source: Hays Advisory

The 10-day moving average of the TRIN over the 1.5 level was a reliable buy indicator prior to 2000. Since then, the TRIN has given several false signals. Use 1.7 as your new signal.

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Quote of the Day:
“It is not how right or how wrong you are that matters, but how much money you make when right and how little money you do not lose when wrong.”
-George Soros

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Bull Run

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BARRON’S Turnabout: Which party is better for the markets?

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Wall $treet Week with Fortune Magazine tonight on PBS

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K&C, Mankiw Post Mortem

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K&C Tonight

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Chart of the Week: Nasdaq 100 Channel

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Going Critical with Niall Ferguson

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NYTimes on Job Creation: Yes! No! Maybe!


In an apparent bid to completely confuse their readers, the NYTimes today has 3 separate stories on lagging job creation and the economic expansion.

The first one, in the Business section, answers the issue with a resounding No:

“Job growth is likely to remain tepid even as the economy moves ahead, according to a survey of professional forecasters by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Indeed, the bank said yesterday, the economists’ outlook for employment has grown gloomier even as their predictions of economic expansion are becoming more robust.

Economists have been puzzled for months by the sluggishness of the employment market. The new forecast suggests that they have come to terms with the pattern established in this recovery: fast economic growth being driven by even faster expansion in productivity, with businesses meeting demand by squeezing more output from their current employees instead of hiring more workers.”

The second article is decidely more rosy.

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Chart of the Week: Nasdaq A/D Volume Line

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