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The Golden Age of Financial Writing

Outstanding list of top notch financial writers from Morgan Housel.

Over the years, I have tried to explain the significance to investors of organizing your thoughts into a written expression of understanding and belief. See, e.g., Why I Write and What I learned after 30,000 posts. It is one of the more important things you can do to better understand your own beliefs and expectations, an important part of becoming a better investor.

So you can imagine how thrilled and proud I am that three of our staff made Morgan’s “must read” list of 22:

Michael Batnick (The Irrelevant Investor)

  • Who he is: Director of research, Ritholtz Wealth Management
  • What he writes: Pithy investing observations, market history, sarcastic tweets
  • Why you should read him: Came out of the middle of nowhere a year or two ago and is already one of the sharpest writers in finance.

Josh Brown (Reformed Broker)

  • Who he is: CEO, Ritholtz Wealth Management
  • What he writes: Dissects the world of investing, economics, and financial advice in a way that is as hilarious as it is brilliant.
  • Why you should read him: Has bridged the gap between presenting high-quality information in an entertaining way better than anyone in the business.

Barry Ritholtz (The Big Picture)

  • Who he is: Chief investment officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management
  • What he writes: Smart, honest, no-holds-barred investment and economic articles.
  • Why you should read him: Incapable of sugar-coating stories he’s passionate about, which makes for some of the most informative and eye-opening columns.

Writing is an important part of our process, and one that I highly recommend, regardless of whether ever published or not.

The full list (despite the inevitable omissions) is definitely worth your time.



What I Read (And Why)
Morgan Housel, February 6, 2015

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Uh-Oh: BusinessWeek Cover Story Nationalism

Now I am engaging in full on selective perception:     Source: BusinessWeek

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Can Janet Yellen really help you with your investing?

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Apple Earnings Show Why You Can’t Trust Pundits

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Bill Gross: “I was Fired From Pimco”

On “Before The Bell,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns and Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz run down the top stories of the day. Bloomberg, Jan. 12 2015

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Bloomberg Radio this morning 9am

> This is your Dulcet Tone Alert, for today on Bloomberg Radio at 9am: I am back again for another bout with Tom: If you are anywhere near a radio this mornings, I will be discussing the latest data about Oil, Makrets and the economy on “Bloomberg Surveillance” with Tom Keene from 9:00 – 10…Read More

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James Bond and His Female Costars

Source: WonkBlog

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Animorphic Graffiti Letters and Characters

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Hedge Fund Keeps Attracting Assets Despite Underperformance

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Barron’s: “My Favorite Bloggers”

  Some kind words about your humble scribe in this week’s Barron’s: “But investors also need a top-down perspective on global economics and market mechanics from those with access to the powerful and/or influential. Two of my favorites are Nouriel Roubini and Barry Ritholtz, both seasoned market observers, well schooled in accounting, statistics, and other…Read More

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