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CDs versus Downloads: Compare & Contrast

If its Tuesday, then we are talking about Tunes.

The following is a result of a discussion with a friend who has decided to go all digital — no more polycarbonate discs (CDs). Here’s what we nded up with:

Downloads (paid, of course)

- Inferior quality to CDs
- Little album
art or liner notes (iTunes provides a cover shot)
- No disc for permanent storage (but can be burned)
- Online service
dictates where the music can be played

- Online CDs cost as much as those
purchased in a retail store
- Buy only the wanted tracks
- Make purchase
without leaving the house
- MP3 players are small, easy to
- 10,000 songs in your pocket

CDs (those polycarbonate discs)

- High-quality, uncompressed tracks
- Play them
anywhere, on any CD player
- Can be copied to a PC and duplicated for playing
in the car, office, etc.

- Forced to buy unwanted
- Price fixing by manufacturers leads to limited retail competition
- Expensive, with over-priced unit cost 


- Lower upfront costs – $14.95 a month
- Enormous
and ever changing selection of music

- Have
to pay forever
- Limited as to what devices can play the tracks



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