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A Brief History of Sampling

A video remix journey through the history of sampling taking in some of the most noted breaks and riffs of the decades. A chronological journey from the Beatles’ use of the Mellotron in the 60s to the sample dense hiphop and dance music of the 80s and 90s. Each break is represented by a vibrating vinyl soundwave exploding into various tracks that sampled it, each re-use another chapter in the modern narrative.

Eclectic Method:

Eclectic Method – A Brief History of Sampling from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.



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Google’s Interactive Music Timeline

Click for an interactive timeline. Source: Google

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The Eagles Reopen The Forum

I never thought I’d see Bernie play with them again. But it was that kind of night, a homecoming. No, we didn’t find out about the show on KMET, but we did all get in our cars and drive south to where a building always described as a wedding cake awaited our arrival. But this…Read More

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Tommy Emmanuel: One-Man Band

Tommy Emmanuel created a life for himself as a one-man band and has become one of Australia’s most respected musicians. With light vim and pure talent, he demonstrates his unique playing style, which is notably a development of the Travis picking technique and blending of rhythm and melody. In his career, he’s played on recordings…Read More

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Map Of Success

1. People Want To Belong We’re tribal, we abhor a vacuum, how can you make us believe in you? The lesson of the Internet age is that traditional media may not reach the target audience. In other words, just because it’s in the newspaper, that does not mean everybody knows about it. Even worse, just…Read More

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Better times for the music industry

Source: Economist

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Making It

1. You have to NEED to make it. Wanting to make it is not enough. It must be your one true calling. If you’re willing to be broke, with no direction home, you might possibly make it. Sacrifice is the key element. If you’re not willing to sacrifice your home, your relationship, forgo children and…Read More

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Little Drummer Boy (Acapella)

Pentatonix, posted their version of “Little Drummer Boy”

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The Story Is Not The Music

Who’s got the time? Beyonce may have delivered a video album that’s got the media and the punters bloviating, but very little of the discussion is about the music, because it’s become secondary to the game. That’s what music is today. I’m surprised Parker Brothers doesn’t have a label. Actually, there are multiple games involved….Read More

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Billy Joel’s New Monthly MSG Gig

This is pretty crazy:     Hat tip Kelly

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