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Kat Edmonson Covers ‘Just Like Heaven’

Kat Edmonson ‘Just Like Heaven’ from her 2009 album ‘Take To The Sky’




Just Like Heaven (August 13th, 2010)
(A lovely cover of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven from Katie Melua)  

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Where Did You 1st Pick Up the Name Satchmo?

“You’ve got to be good or as bad as the devil. … Even if we had two, three days off I still had to blow that horn a few hours to keep up the chops.” – Louis Armstrong Published on Jun 25, 2013 Interview by Michael Aisner and James R. Stein 1964. Ravinia near Chicago…Read More

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Fleetwood Mac, Jones Beach Theater

Last weekend, on a gorgeous evening, I took the missus to see Fleetwood Mac at Jones Beach Theater.

They were never my kinda band, although I will admit to liking the album Fleetwood Mac. Their breakout hit, Rumors, was too commercial for me, lacking much of an edge. (Bill Clinton adopted Don’t Stop (thinking about tomorrow) as his campaign theme song)

The years have treated the songs surprisingly well — they more or less hold up. My guess is because of what an interesting and brilliant guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is. (I had no idea prior). Stevie Nicks has a huge fan base who adore her, but I found her sincere but a bit ditzy, and she seemingly messed up the lyrics to Rhiannon.

They are doing a national tour, and I assume they are going to get tighter as the shows go on. If you are a fan, you are encouraged to go. Everyone else can skip it.


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Fleetwood Mac, Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
FLeetwood mac setlist


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Friday Night Mash Up: I Heart Bowie

  DJ Supercrunk spent the last few months working on a David Bowie-inspired mash-up tribute album entitled I HEART BOWIE. You can download the album for free at IHEARTBOWIEPROJECT.COM. He sampled David Bowie’s music and remixed it with hip-hop heavyweights. As a long-time Bowie fan and a hip-hop DJ, he considers this piece of work…Read More

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The Beastles: Ill Submarine

Dig it: Audio mixed by dj BC. Video by Thriftshop XL. From the album “Ill Submarine” dj BC spins Saturday nights at Gatsby’s in Atlanta:

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Lefsetz on Radio

1. The major music business, the “new music” business, is built upon radio, it depends upon it. 2. There’s a fiction that we still live in a monoculture. This concept has been blown apart on television, where there are five hundred channels available, but the Luddites in radio still believe the Internet didn’t happen, that…Read More

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Rock and Roll, Economics, and Rebuilding the Middle Class David Vandivier White House Blog June 12, 2013   Today, at 7:00 pm EST, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Alan Krueger will deliver remarks on income inequality and rebuilding the middle class at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As he’ll discuss this…Read More

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Chronologic cover: Evolution of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky by decade

Get Lucky reimagined for every decade since the 1920s  Hat tip kottke

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The Way John Fogerty Should Have Done It

1. E-Mail Addresses If you’re gonna sell anything, you’ve got to know who your audience is. Not generally, but specifically, i.e. their names, their addresses. In the old days it was important to know the gatekeepers. Now, whatever gatekeepers are left are less powerful than ever before. The Internet allows you to go direct. Why…Read More

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Daft Punk: Covers of Get Lucky, Game of Love

Last week, we published Bob Lefsetz’ discussion of The Daft Punk Album. Tonite, a couple of outstanding covers of a few songs on the album: —————————————-­——————————- San Cisco put a different spin on Daft Punk’s huge tune ‘Get Lucky’ with some very unique percussion (read: bongos). Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio…Read More

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