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Report: Illegal Music Downloading Climbs

AP reports:

The number of U.S. households illegally downloading music from P2P networks is increasing, not decreasing, as the RIAA would have us believe (see “BitTorrent users chuckling over Pew peer-to-peer report“). According to new research from the NPD Group, the number of households availing themselves of peer-to-peer traded MP3 files rose 6 percent in October and 7 percent in November after a six-month decline.

So is the RIAA’s campaign against file-sharing perhaps less effective than the lobbying group claims? Nonsense. RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy says the group’s efforts are on right track, regardless of what the NPD study shows. “For us, the ultimate measurement of success has been, and continues to be, creating an environment where legal online music services can flourish,” Lamy said in a statement. “All indicators point in the right direction — sales of CDs, legal downloads and awareness that file sharing copyrighted music is illegal — have all increased.”

Note that Lamy avoids the question: “Is file sharing decreasing?” Legal downloads are increasing because there is now legal downloading services. Previously, people who wanted digital music had no other option but the P2P sites. Apple iTunes Music Store opened the flood gates.

As to sales of CDs increasing, that’s as much a function of the improving economy as it is long awaited price competition.

via: Good Morning Silicon Valley

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