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DVD recorders, CDs . . .

Since we just had a little discussion on gasoline prices (Gasoline versus Crude Oil), lets take a look at some other prcies around the consumer universe:

DVD Recorders:

Target has the Cyber Home DVR1500 for $198.
CompUSA has the Liteon LVW5001 DVD recorder $199.99
Its a Progressive scan DVD-RW, with a firewire connector
(but it requires a $30 mfr mail in rebate, which you know I despise)

You may recall our prediction that DVD recorders will sell for by “Christmas 2004 for $150-250.” Well, we are there already. Letys see if the second half of the prediction comes true: “At that price, this becomes a very popular home and consumer device; Especially if we see name brands ike Panasonic under $250.”

So far, we are at the magic $200 price point for a consumer electronic product. Today, these are probably loss leaders. How long will it be before a name brand is selling at these prices? December 2004, perhaps?

As for CDs, Best Buy has several discs in their weekend circular at $6.99 (Graham Colton Band, Chronic Futures, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Keane, Snow Patrol). A few $7.99 and $8.99 CDs, and a slew of $9.99 discs. That’s a pricing improvement. (J&R has alot of $9.99 CDs too.)

On the DVD side, Best Buy has a slew of “2 for $15″ for sale (Midnight Run, Being John Malcovich, Back to School, and Donnie Brasco get my vote . . .)

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