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10 Truths Mutual Fund Firms Won’t Admit


10 things mutual fund companies won’t say

1. “Cheap funds often outperform pricey ones.”
2. “We can’t beat the market.”
3. “When skill fails, we just double (or quintuple) our odds.”
4. “People aren’t buying our product…”
5. “…except when we pay them kickbacks.”
6. “Hedge funds are our idols.”
7. “Our boards are rubber stamps.”
8. “Blame us for runaway CEO pay.”
9. “We played a starring role in the financial crisis.”
10. “Our lobby crushed bipartisan efforts at reform.”

Astonishing . . .



10 things mutual fund companies won’t say
Pay, lobbies and fees cut value of mutual funds
By Ian Salisbury
Marketwatych, March 2, 2013

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Free Lunch Over for Money-Market Funds

Of all the outrages endured during the financial crisis, perhaps the most perplexing involved money-market mutual funds. In an example of moral hazard writ large, this uninsured risk instrument — with $2.57 trillion in assets — somehow became too big to fail. Five years later, the Securities and Exchange Commission is finally taking steps to…Read More

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Dumbest Investing Ideas of 2014

The Worst Investing Ideas I’ve Heard This Year (so far) Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, July 5, 2014     As the second quarter comes to an end, my top 10 list of dumb investment ideas is filling up. All of these would be fairly foolish in any year. (Feel free to explain to me why…Read More

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The Mutual Fund Swap

This was written by Kris Venne, the Certified Financial Planner in our Asset Management group:   Its 3:35pm on a Wed., your phone rings – it is your “advisor” over at MerFargonley. Conspicuously its pretty close to month end, say March 24th. “Hey Mike! Hows it going? How’s Sandy (your wife)? How about little Mikey?”…Read More

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Skill vs Cost: The Myth of the Successful Money Manager

click for complete infographic
managed funds

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Shorter WSJ: Beware Target Date Funds

Missing the Target Source: WSJ   You may have missed the WSJ’s takedown on Target-date funds this weekend. Its a must. The idea of target date funds are a form of auto-pilot that automatically shifts allocations into more bonds less stocks as the investor ages. Target date funds now manage about $550 billion dollars. The…Read More

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Investors Continue to Pick ETFs over Active Funds

Source:   This was part of theme of my presentation this week — while equity markets in general have seen huge outflows, ETFs in general — and Vanguard in particular — have seen large inflows .  . .    

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Finding Mutual Fund Managers Who Beat the Market

Yesterday, I referenced Merrill Lynch research that showed only 39% of fund managers beat the S&P500 last year. This morning, the WSJ references Goldman Sachs research — it shows something similar. Their data showed 65% of U.S. large-cap stock funds trailed the benchmark index net of fees. (5 year average = 66%). When they looked…Read More

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39% of Fund Managers Beat the S&P in 2012

  Here is an astonishing fact brought to my attention from the quant group at Merrill: “In 2012, 39% of managers beat the S&P 500. Value and Core managers achieved 21% and 38% success rates, respectively. 54% of Growth managers outperformed the benchmark.” 38% is an unusual data point — Value did not work, Core…Read More

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