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Getting Lost: Infographic essay on the meaning of life

Getting Lost from Marco Bagni – LostConversation on Vimeo. Infographic essay on the meaning of life. by Marco Bagni – LostConversation Plus 4 months 1 week ago Concept/Animation: Sound: SARC:O

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Revisiting the Uncertainty Trope

Back in November 2010, I penned a piece for Bloomberg about the absurd meme circulating regarding the impact of Uncertainty. The key point was that uncertainty was an essential part of markets, and indeed life. The future is by definition unknowable and therefore uncertain. Those who complained about it revealed how little they actually understood…Read More

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Data: Causality and all that

Jun 21st 2012, 15:39 by K.N.C. | LONDON

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Process, Outcome And The Complexity Of It All

I very much appreciated this perspecitve offered by Dylan Grice of Société Générale: “All outcomes are caused by an underlying process. In very general terms, all we did by constraining the QI to have a 2% tracking error was impose an outcome on a process. But as soon as we did that we also changed…Read More

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The False Deities of Economists

  “Economics is a faith-based pursuit forever in search of a new deity . . . Each of the gods has been worshipped with the fanatical fervour of the convert. What is curious for those sitting outside the sacred circles is that the apostles show not the slightest hint of self-doubt. The Treasury has become…Read More

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QOTD: How Knowledge Advances

At James Montier‘s CFA presentation, he used one of my favorite quotes:   “Science advances one funeral at a time.” -Max Planck   I would add to that:   If only economics were so fortunate . . .    

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Where Sea Monsters Live

Last weekend, I got into — or more like watched — an interesting finance debate related to specific policies, websites, officials and analysts. All the usual suspects were covered. One person went on and on about central-bank planned economies, manipulated currencies, debasing of the dollar, gold,  HFT, etc.  “Its all a Ponzi scheme” he declared,…Read More

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