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Loose Items

I am going to skip the my usual Friday Philosophy as this week has been enormously insane for me, out late for work every night, with lots of meetings every day (and tonight is another holiday).

But I do have a few things I want to discuss/tease/show you:

• There are still a few tickets left for the TBP conference. If you are anywhere near NYC on October 8 than YOU MUST ATTEND. It is an incredible line up. I guarantee you will learn more in one day than any 10 days of other conferences. This group is THAT GOOD. (I will post a detailed bio of a different speaker each day next week).

• I particpated in a fascinating debate on innovation over dinner last night, driven by Robert Gordon’s claim that innovation and invention has plateaued. I guess we have invented everything there is left to invent! My view is the pace of innovation is actually accelerating, and this economist is deeply misguided.

• After 5 years, I am finally ready to start working on the sequel to Bailout Nation. This one is much more investing focused, and will rattle quite a few cages. (I am almost done with the first half of the research). All I have to do is finish my ebook first, now 60% done.

• I have lunch with Howard Lindzon today, who just did a bang up job on BloombergTV discussing the Twitter IPO. He is one of the more interesting people you will meet. (And a freak. He’s super freaky).

Shrubbery! We lost a lot of trees and shrubs during Sandy, and my flower garden got mangled (Yes, I enjoy gardening, wanna make something of it?) NO damage to the house thankfully, but the yard was destroyed (no electricity for 12 days was no fun either). This week, all of our replacement trees and plantings were installed. Looking forward to them blooming in the spring.

• We are getting very close to a big announcement about a major media deal. I am totally jazzed about it. You will be too. I expect great things to come out of it — and alot of heavy lifting as well.

• Josh’s new skunk works project, which he mentioned here before going dark this whole week, is almost done. I have seen early looks at it, and its the shizznit. (I am super proud of him).

• What does everyone get wrong about the Financial Crisis, and especially Lehman Brothers? That is my next Washington Post column.

• I came up with a really interesting idea for a new website. Spoke to some developers, who tell me its unusual but possible. It will be very cool when it launches.

• We live in very, very interesting times . . .

I have all these projects that have been in the works for years, and suddenly they are all popping at once. The site is going to be very busy the next few weeks.

More later . . .

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