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Structural Changes at S.E.C.

Arthur Levitt is incensed. That doesn’t happen all that often. It takes a lot to make the level-headed, even serene, former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman angry. (Full disclosure: Levitt is a director of Bloomberg LP).

What has Levitt riled up these days is the deepening politicization of the agency he ran for eight years. I spoke with several other former SEC chairs from both parties, and each expressed similar concerns. (Listen to Levitt’s comments on the nomination process at the 41-50 minute mark.)

Here’s the problem: How do you get qualified nominees with expertise in areas relevant to regulating capital markets and publicly traded corporate entities to fill the five seats on the commission? (Rules designate three of the five seats to the party controlling the White House.) This process has been made that much more problematic because of the objections — many of them justified — raised by people like Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who opposes the revolving door between regulators and the regulated.


Continues here: What’s Worse Than the SEC’s Revolving Door?

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A Year of Islamic State Terror

Click to watch the animation. Source: Washington Post

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Map of the World According to Donald Trump

Source: Fusion

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Uneven Recovery, Noise & Ignorance: Why People Missed the Recovery

There has been a steady drumbeat of dissatisfaction about the post-credit-crisis recovery. No matter how much the economy improves, a good number of people insist it hasn’t. Now, in the midst of the political silly season, it has intensified as candidates pander to voters. This is a subject near and dear to me (see this, this, this, this, this, andthis),…Read More

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Allies and Enemies in Syria’s Civil War

How confusing are Syria’s internecine political battles ? Source: Quartz

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The Long Tale of Exxon and Climate Change

Source: Inside Climate News

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Iowa GOP Shuts Out The Daily Show; Hilarity Ensues

Iowa Republican Chairman Jeff Kaufmann denies The Daily Show access to a GOP event in Des Moines out of fear that the show would mock the state.

Source: TDS, 11/03/2015 (5:47)


After Iowa Representative Jeff Kaufmann bans The Daily Show from a GOP gathering, Jordan Klepper explains why the state might be apprehensive to let the show visit.


Source: TDS, 11/03/2015 (2:19)

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Likelihoood of Receiving the 2016 Republican Nomination

Source: Predict Wise

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Congress (Finally) Starts to Do Its Job . . .

What year is this? Pardon my confusion, but a glimmer of intelligent life in Washington has me questioning whether it’s 2015. The source of this bewilderment is that the U.S. Congress has managed to accomplish a few things: • A budget deal was reached, and a damaging government shutdown was averted. The deal entails a…Read More

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The US Debt Ceiling Has Risen No Matter Who Calls the Shots

Source: Visual Capitalist

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