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274 Days, 294 Mass Shootings

Source: Wonkblog

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Bankers Launch Hostile Takeover of CFPB

Last week, we discussed several developments that have the banking industry up in arms. Each of these trace back to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. The first was the new mortgage disclosure rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The regulations consolidate several documents, mandate greater transparency in simpler language and require a three-day disclosure before a real-estate…Read More

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Drone Strikes and Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

Source: The Economist

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The Robin Hood Index

Source: Bloomberg

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Does Europe Take in Enough Migrants?

Source: Visual Capitalist

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Population Without Health Insurance Coverage by State: 2013 and 2014

Source: United States Census Bureau

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Fallon: Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

This was hilarious:



Be sure to watch the full interview on the Tonite Show – after seeing it, I no longer find it inconceivable that The Donald could be President. November 2016 is a long way off, but its not impossible that he could win.

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Trump’s Wealth? Better Off Doing Nothing

Astonishing: Trump understates his early wealth as much as he overstates his present wealth. He says when he started out he was worth “about $200,000” but he’s just burnishing his brand. A son of a real estate mogul, he’s in no position to spin a “rags to riches” yarn. By saying he was worth $200,000…Read More

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The World’s Largest Defense Budgets

Source: BofA Merrill Lynch h/t Vox

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The Petro State Hex

Source: Visual Capitalist

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