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Additional Poll on Florida’s Cuban voters:

Yet another Poll on Florida’s Cuban voters:

The President’s approval rating amongst Hispanics in Florida is somewhat higher than it is nationally — but not by much, according to a recent survey by tv channel Univision. This demographic, in this crucial swing state, is yet another element in a race that appears far closer than anyone had expected but a few short months ago.

“The survey shows that more than one-third of South Florida Hispanic voters — a group consisting primarily of GOP-leaning Cuban Americans — disapproves of the job the president has done ”promoting democracy and regime change” in Fidel Castro’s Cuba.”

Source: Univision-Channel23, via Miami Herald

I hasten to add that the survey data on these polls — performed by television channels as opposed to professional opinion takers — my have a lower degree of reliability than say a Zogny or a Pew poll. Regardless, it raises some fascinating questions.

Some South Florida Hispanics unhappy with Cuba policy
Peter Wallsten
Miami Herald, March 02, 2004

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