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2002 PBS interview: Richard Clarke

The Richard Clarke 60 Minutes interview will be another element in the ongoing electoral season, which will impact markets. It behooves you to have a well rounded assessment of this career government employee.

To that end (research is power) there was a PBS frontline special two years ago on FBI agent John O’Neill & 9/11. It was titled “The Man Who Knew” and it aired on October 3, 2002.

The PBS site includes an extensive interview with Counter-Terrorism expert Clarke.

If you have any questions about Clarke’s beliefs, motivations or qualifications, go read the entire 2002 interview (its rather lengthy). I put up an excerpt here

You should really read the entire interview . . .

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Last of the Independents

I originally published this at essays & effluvia on March 23, 2004. > I often write about the intersection of politics and economics. What happens in D.C., after all, impacts the markets. But what never ceases to amaze me is how anytime someone disagrees with me, I am immediately labelled as the opposite of whatever…Read More

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