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NRA Plan for School Security

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Migrant Maps

Source: WSJ

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Economic and Financial Decision Making in China

  Fascinating graphic from Goldman Sachs via FT Alphaville:   click for ginormous graphic Source: FT Alphaville  

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Arguing With Gun Nuts on Twitter Bingo

Not you, I mean the real nuts!    

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Economic Data Misperceptions in Political Discourse

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274 Days, 294 Mass Shootings

Source: Wonkblog

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Bankers Launch Hostile Takeover of CFPB

Last week, we discussed several developments that have the banking industry up in arms. Each of these trace back to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. The first was the new mortgage disclosure rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The regulations consolidate several documents, mandate greater transparency in simpler language and require a three-day disclosure before a real-estate…Read More

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Drone Strikes and Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

Source: The Economist

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The Robin Hood Index

Source: Bloomberg

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Does Europe Take in Enough Migrants?

Source: Visual Capitalist

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