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Euro Area NCBs Contributions to the ECB’s Capital

Source: European Central Bank

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Simpsons Spoof Trump

  Daily Beast via Matt Miller

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The Battle for Greek Hearts and Minds Ahead of Referendum

Source: WSJ

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Tracking the Pace of Social Change

Source: Bloomberg

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The Greek Referendum: Choose Your Poverty

Source: Chappatte

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Pace of Social Change

Source: Bloomberg

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Economic Impact of Same-Sex Marriage

Click through for an interactive graphic. Source: Williams Institute

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Twitter Ideology Scores of Potential Presidential Candidates

Source: Washington Post

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Why the Daily Show had to change

Barack Obama changed American politics. So the Daily Show had to change too.




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Government Austerity & Job Creation

Fascinating set of graphics from Bloomberg showing the impact of the dearth of government hiring:


Here’s How You Add 2.4 Million Jobs to the Economy




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