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Look Out Below, Government Shutdown 2nd Week edition

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10.7.13 Futures


US Futures are deep in the red, as we begin the third second week of the government shut down.

In theory, some 25% of the US economy may soon end up off line. We are not there yet, but that is the short term negative. The worst case scenario is a U.S. Default potentially a catastrophe dwarfing September October 2008.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as we do not really know what the dissidents want. (I suspect they are not all that familiar with game theory). As of now, Boehner is saying the House will not have a chance to vote on a clean Debt Limit Bill.

Regardless, investors hope this slow motion train wreck gets averted prior to any actual collision.



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ObamaCare: Investing Advice for Senator Ted Cruz

>   My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look objectively at Obamacare — not the politics of it, but the investing aspect. Its called: On Investing: The Obamacare portfolio. My conclusion? If you were an objective observer of the legislation when it passed, and then again when the Supreme…Read More

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How to Bypass the Debt Limit

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Bypass the Debt Limit
Source: Yahoo Finance

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Obama to Harwood: “Wall St Should be Worried”

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America’s Fiscal Path, 2009-13

America’s path from fiscal improbity to political impasse Source: Economist

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Government Employees By Location

click for interactive graphic Source: Washington Post

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Animated Explanation of ObamaCare

White House Releases Animated Explanation of ObamaCare

Source: WSJ

As ObamaCare discussions go on and a Government shutdown aimed at preventing its funding is ongoing, the White House releases an animated video on showing the benefits of ObamaCare.

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Market Performance & Government Shutdowns

  click for larger table Source:   I have long been a fan of Jason Goepfert of for some time now, and this sort of work is the exact reasons why.  

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Shutdown Dumbness: Walking Softly?

Shutdown Dumbness: Walking Softly? David R. Kotok Cumberland Advisors September 30, 2013       Markets, media, and manic investors are consumed by the government shutdown, budget fight, debt limit debate, sequester, and assorted other shenanigans of the dysfunctional Congress and increasingly unpopular White House. That is understandable. There is not much we can add…Read More

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Look Out Below, Government Shutdown Edition

click for updated futures 7     I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news? Well, as the futures above shows, US markets are under lots of pressure, widely blamed on the economic impact of the likely shut down of government tonight at midnight. Shutting down nearly 25% of an already…Read More

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