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Nelson Mandela & South African Inequality

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The View From Europe

I spent the early part of this week presenting at several conferences in Belgium, in and around Brussels. I was the not-so-randomly selected person to give the American take on the state of the global economy and capital markets. Or, at least, an American take. I never want to misrepresent my own biased and conflicted…Read More

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Economist: How American politics has pulled apart

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What Are the Risks for Pacific Coast Residents from Fukushima Radiation?

“[The Odds of] Longer Term Chronic Effects, Cancer Or Genetic Effects … Cannot Be Said To Be Zero” It is very difficult to obtain accurate information on the dangers from Fukushima radiation to residents of the West Coast of North America and Hawaii. On the one hand, there is fear-mongering and “we’re all going to…Read More

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D.C. Is Dragging Down the Economy

click for larger chart Source: Econtrarian   The past two days have seen two positive surprises in economic data. Yesterday, the gross domestic product came in at 2.8 percent growth, significantly better than consensus expectations of 2 percent. This morning, payrolls jumped by 204,000 workers, against median estimates of 163,000. Now imagine how much better…Read More

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Source of Government Shutdown Has Faltering Economy

Blowback to Economically Weak GOP Districts? click for interactive map Source: Washington Post     Source: At the source of the shutdown, the economy falters — and anger at Barack Obama runs high Jim Tankersley Washington Post, October 28 2013–and-anger-at-obama-runs-high/2013/10/28/67d51c90-3fe2-11e3-a751-f032898f2dbc_story.html

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Rand Paul & Janet Yellen

Rand Paul & Janet Yellen David R. Kotok Cumberland Advisors, October 25, 2013       There are reports that Senator Rand Paul intends to put a “hold” on Janet Yellen’s nomination for Federal Reserve Chair. Senator Paul is involved in an absolute act of lunacy. He wants to put Janet Yellen’s nomination on hold…Read More

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The New American Center

  This is the first two of 13 charts that help to define the new American “Center” click for all 13 graphics Source: Esquire    

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Washington’s Open Secret: Profitable PACs

Most Americans believe it’s illegal for politicians to profit from their public office but, as Steve Kroft reports, that’s not the case.

October 20, 2013 4:37 PM

See also Washington’s open secret: Profitable PACs

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A Wonderful Circus

Thats how the FT’s delightful Martin Wolf described the recent silliness in Washington DC:


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