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Ouzo on the rocks…

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Vote Burns

Source: Vulgar Trader see also Simpsons Wiki

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Wrong On Iran

For the United States to sit and talk and come to an agreement with a nation it has been antagonizing and demonizing since the dictator it installed in 1953 was overthrown in 1979 is historic and, I hope, precedent setting. Let’s seal this deal! Four months ago the Washington Post published an op-ed headlined ‘War With Iran Is Probably…Read More

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US-Iran Treaty Can Send Oil to $40

While the world is distracted by the unending Greek saga (will it or won’t it leave the euro?) and the epic Chinese stock-market meltdown(and manipulation), something really important is going on. Three words sum it up: Iran and oil. Negotiators have reached a deal with Iran to constrain its nuclear arms program. Despite the pessimism and outright fear-mongering, an agreement has been reached. Don’t…Read More

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The Unfolding Greek Crisis

Source: Deutsche Bank Research, “The House View – Greece: Take it or break it”

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Euro Area NCBs Contributions to the ECB’s Capital

Source: European Central Bank

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Simpsons Spoof Trump

  Daily Beast via Matt Miller

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The Battle for Greek Hearts and Minds Ahead of Referendum

Source: WSJ

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Tracking the Pace of Social Change

Source: Bloomberg

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The Greek Referendum: Choose Your Poverty

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