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Short? Or Short Shorts?

Since we have been on a bit of a anecdotal evidence of speculation kick lately, here’s one last item of interest: The Hemline theory:

"It’s called the "hemline theory," and Financial analysts have loosely
used it to determine where the economy is headed. So far it’s been pretty
accurate. In the ’20s and ’60s, hemlines were at a high and so was the stock
market. And in the ’30s and ’40s, the stock market was so low that women were
almost tripping on their skirts. The hemline theory was also on the ball in
1987. Miniskirts were all the rage, and the stock market was at a matching high.
But then the market quickly crashed in October, right when designers such as
Bill Blass decided that miniskirts looked ridiculous. Hemlines dropped and so
did the market. Coincidence? I think not!"  -Brainevent

Now that you know what the hemline theory is, have a lookie here at a recent article from USA Today on, (you guessed it) Hemlines:


Here’s the short of it: Shorts are having a fashion moment.

Inseams are inching up this spring. Capris begat gauchos, which crept up to become bermudas. Now, short shorts — thigh grazers with 2½- and 3-inch leg lengths — are emerging as the top bottom.

It’s evidence that, with the bare belly long banished from malls and magazines, the leg is strutting into the style spotlight again, a couple of decades after shorts with tights and loafers trotted into view. Today’s version of the abbreviated bottom, however, is a tad sexier.

Fashionistas laud the look’s practical benefits. "Wearing a micro-short skirt is a lot more restrictive than a pair of shorts," Fister says.

This doesn’t mean a crash is imminent; Its merely a convenient excuse to post a photo of short shorts and a tight midriff.

Hat tip: Crossing Wall Street


Short shorts are sexier, and totally hip
Olivia Barker
USA TODAY, 4/5/2006 9:25 PM

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