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The difference between being rich and being wealthy

I thought this was an interesting quote, via a reader of John Succo at Minyanville.

"In my mind, there is a difference between being rich and being wealthy. One is rich when one has enough capital to possess most everything one wants today and will need in the future. One is wealthy when one possesses enough capital to posses everything one would want today, and everything one will need in the future, and still have a great deal left over."

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Quote of the Day

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Why We Love Jeff Matthews

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Sometimes, There is No Pony

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Delayed Onset: Some Historical Comparisons

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The Disconnect and Economic Classes

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DJIA 1966 – 1982

The previous chart reveals the long standing secular moves of the markets; What’s an investor to do during one of the long periods of weakness? One answer is to learn to be more nimble, and trade the cyclical markets. > Dow Jones Industrial Average, 1966 – 1982 click for larger chart data for chart courtesy…Read More

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Katrina Lowers Year End Expectations

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Chart of the Week: NYSE Making New Highs

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