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New Column: Monitoring the ‘Mad Money’ Madness

RealMoneyMy latest screed is now posted at, titled New Column: Monitoring the ‘Mad Money’ Madness .

It looks at some of the more speculative elements of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show, and discovers that for lots of investors traders, the show has become little more than a tout sheet.

Here’ an excerpt:

"I’ve been mulling over investor complacency for some time now, and Doug Kass’
concerns last month heightened my interest in this area.

In case you missed it, Kass penned a
comparing Jim Cramer to 1980′s investment guru Joe Granville: "It is
the immediate, frantic and unquestioning manner in which investors/traders
respond to [Cramer's] ideas (not the ideas themselves) that is reaching silly
proportions, and that has me unnerved, causing me to question whether the
response to "Mad Money" is a microcosm of a market that has driven fear and
doubt away and is ready for a fall," Kass wrote.

You can read Cramer’s response here,
but I wanted to see if Kass was correct. I was not disappointed in my hunt for
signs of speculative excess."

It seems there are some signs of specualtive excess appearing . . .


 Monitoring the ‘Mad Money’ Madness, 2/3/2006 12:24 PM EST

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