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Market Cheerleaders

Here’s an interesting question. A reader writes:

"I was thinking since the phrase "cult of the bear" is being so widely embraced especially on Real Money,maybe you can start using a counter label that that similarly derides the bulls . . .?"

I like the concept of the counter phrase.  Any ideas as to what they should be called? Here’s my short list:

The Bullish Herd

The Under-performers

Market Cheerleaders

The Hype Brigade

Long & Wrong

The one trick ponies

Happy Talk Squad


Add your own euphimisms in the comments below . . .

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P/E vs S&P 500 (50 Years)

As promised, today brings us to the 4th in our series of charts: P/E vs S&P500 click for larger chart courtesy of Mike Panzner, Rabo Securities > I’ll get into the significance of what this means to the markets later, but for now, note where the P/E is over the median, and its impact on…Read More

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100 Year Dow Jones Industrials Chart

Have a look at this 100 year (actually, 105-Year) chart. I colored each “Market” appropriately — Green for Bull, and Red for Bear — to more clearly show what happens. Bull markets get ahead of themselves. At their ends, they tend towards excesses that take a very long while to recover from. When a long…Read More

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