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NYT picks up “Housing not quite a Bubble” article



Dan Mitchell writes the "What’s Online" column at the NYTimes. On Saturday, he spotlighted my "Housing’s not quite a Bubble yet" piece . . .

Caught me by surprise — I got home late this afternoon from my nephew’s 1st Bday party, was merely thumbing through the business section of the NYT, and – BOOM – there it was. Other than a Metropolitan Diary piece in 1998 (which is really a letter to the editor, and therefore doesn’t count) this is my New York Times cherry. (Way cool).

Dan should also have a look at the "Bubble in bubbles" piece — its relevant to that Housing bubble article.

Looking on the Bright Side
NYT, July 9, 2005

Don’t Buy Housing Bubble Propaganda Thursday May 26, 2:04 pm ET

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