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How Is Winter Weather Affecting Home Sale Data?

Source: Calculated Risk


I have heard a fair amount of chatter about the awful winter weather’s impact on home sales. Let’s clarify the different measures in use for New and Existing Home Sales to see what we can find.

U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development jointly release the New Residential Sales data. Census notes that a “sale” is defined as a “deposit taken or sales agreement signed.” This occurs much fairly early in the house transaction process.

As far as New Home Sales are concerned, the weather in March 2014 probably made only a minor impact at worst. Which makes the New House Sales slump to eight-month lows all the more significant.

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The Rich Buy Real Estate; The Poor Want Gold

If you want to know what someone’s views of society are, ask what they believe is the best long-term investment. I am fascinated each year when Gallup Poll asks Americans to choose the best option among real estate, stocks and mutual funds, gold, savings accounts and CDs, or bonds. The results are a pop psychologist’s…Read More

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Race to the Top

My pal Jonathan over at Miller Samuel shows us this awesome graphic of high rising apartment buildings in NYC:   click for ginormous graphic Source: Miller Samuel

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How the Land Lies for U.S. Home Builders

Source: WSJ   Continues here.

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Fed Laughter and Housing Prices

Source: Elliot-today     Earlier this week, we discussed the amount of laughter in FOMC meetings as a sign that the Fed was not fully cognizant of the coming financial storm. Today’s chart adds another component to this, overlaying Fed laughs with Case Shiller residential real estate price index, via Elliot-today. Perhaps the best way…Read More

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Housing Market’s Wild Ride: Boom Bust & Recovery

Another monstrous infographic from Matthew Klein — this one on the Boom and Bust and Recovery in America’s residential real estate market. Enjoy!   Click to see “Bubble to Bust Recovery”     See also The Housing Market’s Wild Ride

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Tale of Entire RE Market via 6 Houses

Source: NY Times

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Architecture Billing Index

Source: World Property Channel

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Cash Purchases Spike as Interest Rates Rise

Source: RealtyTrac   The chart above comes form the RealtyTrac Residential & Foreclosure Sales Report. It should come as no surprise that as rates rise, so too do all-cash purchases. There are a few significant factors worth noting: 1) Last year, institutional investor purchases for residential properties (single family homes, condominiums and townhomes) accounted for…Read More

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