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I’ll Take Manhattan (No You Won’t)

Source: Miller Samuel   Over the past few years, the combination of low rates and tight inventory has helped bid housing prices up nationally. That situation is easing as more and more inventory hits the market. As Bloomberg News reported yesterday, it looks like the days of bidding wars are waning as the supply of…Read More

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Housing Rebound Broadens the Wealth Recovery But Much More is Needed

Housing Rebound Broadens the Wealth Recovery But Much More is Needed William R. Emmons and Bryan J. Noeth St. Louis Fed, November 2013     When adjusted for inflation and growth in the number of households, however, average real net worth has recovered only 76 percent of the loss incurred between 2007 and 2009. The…Read More

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Stratospheric Views — and Prices — for Billionaires

A new crop of ultra-luxurious New York high rises are vying to be the next hot “it” building and are attracting billionaires from nearby as well as abroad.

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WSJ Pines for the Return of Liar’s Loans

The Wall Street Journal Pines for the Return of Liar’s Loans William K. Black September 23, 2013       The Wall Street Journal’s editorial staff (WSJ) criticizes the Dodd-Frank Act and the leadership of the financial regulatory agencies.  I share many of those criticisms, but I parted company when the WSJ expressed its horror…Read More

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Vampire REOs and Zombie Foreclosures

Click for interactive graphic Source: RealtyTrac

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Household Debt-to-Income Ratio, USA vs Canada

click to embiggen Source: BCA     I have been meaning to get to this since I was in Toronto last week, where I saw my friend (and fishing partner) Martin Barnes of BCA give an excellent presentation at the Toronto CFA Prediction Dinner. One of that charts that really stood out to me was…Read More

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House-Price Expectations, Alternative Mortage Products, and Default

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Home Equity Buoyed by Rising Home Prices

Click to enlarge Source: RealtyTrac

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