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What Should Be Done In the Wake of the French Terror Attack?

“The Proper Response to Today’s Tragic Events Should Be for EVERY Publication On The Planet To Print Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad”


We at Washington’s Blog have done as much as anyone to dispel the myth that all Muslims are terrorists. (Herehereherehereherehere, and here).

And we’ve written as much as anyone on the dangers of false flag terror: carrying out terror attacks and then falsely blaming in on your enemy.

We don’t yet have many facts on the horrific French terror attack which killed writers and cartoonists who satirized Islam.

However, our initial gut reaction is that every website in the world should run the new cartoon which the paper published yesterday which allegedly was the cause for the terror attack.

Paul Joseph Watson – a smart, prominent, alternative blogger who has written widely on false flag attacks, Western aggression and related topics – had the same reaction, writing:

The proper response to today’s tragic events should be for EVERY publication on the planet to print depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

(Islamic teachings forbid any depictions of Muhammad; and the publication against which today’s terror attack was launched had been firebombed 3 years ago when it printed a cartoon depicting Muhammad in a satirical manner.)

We don’t condone attacking an entire religion for the murderous acts of a crazed few.  We are also in favor of cultural sensitivity.

On the other hand, we are big believers in free speech and satire. As we’ve previously noted:

There is a well-known tradition thousands of years old – called “crazy wisdom” – which uses humor as a path for speaking truth and waking people up from their erroneous beliefs and their coma of sleepwalking. (Famous rock and roll dj Wes “Scoop” Nisker wrote a great book on the subject, which I strongly endorse).

We think there may be a way to harmonize these competing ideas.   Every website and traditional media publication in the world could satirize ISIS and the other extreme, murderous Islamic fundamentalists … while respecting – and pretty much leaving alone –  the overwhelming majority of Muslims who are peaceful and sane.

What do you think? Please let us know how you would approach this issue.

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Who Are We Killing with Drones?

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Josh Brown: Investment Fads and Themes, 1996-2014

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The Real Wolves of Wall Street

Source: Master’s in Accounting Degrees

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How U.S. Torture Led to the Rise of ISIS

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