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Plummeting Death Reform

Very funny, from new Pulitzer prize winner Mark Fiore:

click for video

Hat tip Barry2

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Dow = 11,000. Discuss.

Go figure – Over the past 13 months, the Dow has regained nearly 4500 of the 5000 points it shed in the six month following the collapse of Fannie Mae, Lehman and AIG. You can debate amongst yourselves whether this is proof that a) Capitalism works; b) Government intervention is more successful then popularly realized;…Read More

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Declining Bailout Costs or Bad Math ?

There is a bizarre article in this morning’s WSJ. It declares that the bailouts will cost less than initially feared. It is notable not for what it includes, but what it managed to completely ignore. The 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Fund passed by Congress was over $700 billion dollars — not $250B. There is no…Read More

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10 Psychological, Valuation, Adapative Investing Rules

This morning’s post discussing Floyd Norris front page NYT column generated even more pushback than I expected. I am always trying to create rules to help make better investment decisions and fight against my own wetware.  The earlier comment stream led me to these ten ideas; ignore them at your own risk: • Whether a…Read More

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Everyone Talks Their Book . . .

Alternative title: Overlaying Ideology On Every Market Event/Crisis One of the things I love most about the market is how it acts as a Rorschach test for participants and other various hanger on-ers. For any market event, there are myriad explanations, rationals, and Monday morning quarterbacking. Experience shows us that most of these commentators are…Read More

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American Pastime: OverPaying CEOs

There is a longish Sunday NYT article on CEO pay that I plan on reading. But before I get to it, I wanted to share some longstanding thoughts of my own on exec compensation. While there was a temporary drop in exec comp caused by the market crash, we still have structural compensation issues that…Read More

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Misunderstanding the Last Financial Crisis

I wanted to address a glaring error in a David Leonhardt NYT Sunday Magazine article, titled Heading Off the Next Financial Crisis, In the column, Leonhardt wrote: “But there was a fatal flaw in the new system. The banks’ new competitors received scant oversight. They were not directly bound by Roosevelt’s restrictions. “We had this…Read More

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Shorter Greg Mankiw

In the Sunday NYT, Greg Mankiw posits the following: • Governments cannot Regulate. Proof? Radical Deregulation failed… • “I’m not saying Fannie Mae was THE cause of the collapse — but they were a major causal factor.” • We have no clue why Economists suck — but they just do. You can read the rest…Read More

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NYT: John Dugan is a Bank Tool

The Sunday NYT catches up with what many others who watch banks have known for a long time: John C. Dugan, the former banking lobbyist and Bush appointee to the job of Comptroller of the Currency, is a tool. Dugan’s contribution to the collapse of the United States began way back in 1989. Congress had…Read More

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March Madness: The Worst Companies In America

I love this bit of bracketology from The Consumerist: > click for bigger graphic > Hat tip Mike Panzner

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