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Luskin: Sell Equities, Buy Gold

On Friday, the one man contrary indicator announced — AFTER the equity market collapse, AFTER a huge spike in gold — that it was time to dump stocks, and get long Gold.

I told a buddy on hedge fund manager/Saturday that meant we were due to see gold correct and the markets rally.

I had no clue exactly how true that would true out to be . . .

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Attention Mr. Bernanke:

I Direct Your Attention, Mr. Fed Chairman, to Exhibits 1 through 10: 1. Ultra low interest rates led to a scramble for yield by fund managers; 2. Not coincidentally, there was a massive push into subprime lending by unregulated NONBANKS who existed solely to sell these mortgages to securitizers; 3. Since they were writing mortgages…Read More

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Trashing Rubin

I have regularly trashed Robert Rubin in this blog for quite some time. And while I further tarnish the name of Rubin in Bailout Nation — he is between Hank Paulson and Larry Summers in our blame list — I probably could have slapped him around even more had time and space pemitte.d No Matter….Read More

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Double Triple Bubbles

This is a terrific chart (via Invictus) showing the past two — really three — asset bubble tops. 1. Tech/ bubble 1990s 2. Credit Bubble/Housing boom 2002-07 3. Finance collapse 2008-09 The second two are obviously related: The easy money, credit driven financialization of the economy led to two asset class peaks: Stocks and Houses…Read More

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Jon Stewart Busts on Apple, Steve Jobs

This is the way to start a Friday:

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Microsoft was supposed to be the evil one, but now Apple is busting down doors in Palo Alto while Bill Gates rids the world of mosquitoe

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“A Monstrous System of Guaranteeing Deposits”

Time for a good chuckle: Have a read of this excerpt from TIME magazine, circa 1933, about the evils of FDIC deposit insurance: “Through the great banking houses of Manhattan last week ran wild-eyed alarm. Big bankers stared at one another in anger and astonishment. A bill just passed by both houses of Congress would…Read More

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The Return of Ben Stein ?

After spending several years writing money-losing columns that were lacking in any insight into Wall Street for the New York Times, Ben Stein has returned. After his NYT dismissal for becoming the pitchman for scam site, enough time has elapsed that Stein seems to have landed a gig with Bloomberg owned BusinessWeek. We will…Read More

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Rule 10b-5: Manipulative and Deceptive Practices

When ever I wrote something up, I try to show how I reach my conclusion. What are the data, facts, underlying elements used to reach an ultimate decision. In math, algebra, it was called”showing your work.” Sometimes, I don’t bother show the tiny details. I assume everyone knows 2=+2=4, understand the basic aspects of the…Read More

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WSJ OpEd: “Material Misrepresentations? What’s That?”

I have no idea what goes on in the WSJ OpEd offices. I cannot tell you for sure that their Water Cooler is laced with LSD; I have no idea if they are drunk by the opening bell every morning. I’ve never done the research to see if key persons there played college football sans…Read More

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Books in the Queue

Not too long ago, I finished Justin Fox’s Myth of the Rational Market. I’m about halfway through Scott Patterson’s The Quants. I have the following lined up in my queue: • Roger Lowenstein’s The End of Wall Street • Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner’s Super Freakonomics • Michael Lewis’ The Big Short •…Read More

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