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Fannie Mae Didn’t Cause the Housing Crisis, Radical Ideologues Did

Source: Yahoo Finance

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TDS: Blackstone & Codere

Blackstone & Codere amantha Bee investigates the shady, totally legal business dealings of a private equity firm called Blackstone.

Here is the original article: Blackstone Unit Wins in No-Lose Codere Trade: Corporate Finance


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EU Fines Financial Institutions Over Fixing Key Benchmarks

From the Wall Street Journal: Six financial institutions were fined €1.71 billion ($2.32 billion) by European Union regulators Wednesday for colluding in an attempt to manipulate key benchmark interest rates, the EU’s largest-ever penalty in a cartel case. The settlements involved penalties against some of the world’s biggest banks, including Deutsche Bank, Société Générale, Royal…Read More

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The Fed Wants To End Too Big to Fail (Treasury, not so much)

Quite a few people are discussing the speech given by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke last week, titled The Crisis as a Classic Financial Panic. (See this, this and this). But while everyone is looking at the big dog, the rest of the pack has been out making very interesting noises. Indeed, if you pay…Read More

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Ending Too Big to Fail

Ending Too Big to Fail William C. Dudley, President and CEO, NY Federal Reserve Global Economic Policy Forum, NYC, November 8, 2013     It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to speak here today.  My remarks are going to focus on what is called the “too big to fail” problem.  As you…Read More

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Banks to Be Hit With Rate Fines

Click for giant graphic. Source: WSJ

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Meet Uncle Sam, Your Partner in Crime

The news leaked over the weekend: Hedge-fund baron Steve Cohen and SAC Capital Advisors were about to pay a monster fine for a decades worth of insider trading and failed supervision of traders. Some prefer the term “expert networks,” but – po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to. The rules have changed, and so have the penalties. The lessons of…Read More

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The Myth of Financial Reform

Party On Garth: Click to enlarge Source: Time, Monday, Sept. 23, 2013

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What Do Hedge Funds Spend On Regulatory Compliance?

Every now and then, I read an article that is factually accurate, technically correct — and utterly misleading. Items like this are “accurate but false” as they leave the reader with an impression of something that is incorrect. Because the world is nuanced and not black and white, the sum of many facts, statistics and…Read More

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