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Separated at Birth: Howard & Ringo

I am watching the Beatles Grammy show (on DVR) when it dawns on me that I was out drinking with Ringo Starr recently.

I am trying to recall how I ended up getting s#$%faced with a Beatle, when it dawns on me that it wasn’t Ringo at all, but Howard!



Is it just me or does Howard Lindzon remind you of Ringo Starr?

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Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks

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By John Robertson and Ellyn Terry A recent Wall Street Journal blog post caught our attention. In particular, the following claim: It’s not size that matters—at least when it comes to job creation. The age of the company is a bigger factor. This observation is something we have also been thinking a lot about over…Read More

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Fed Laughter and Housing Prices

Source: Elliot-today     Earlier this week, we discussed the amount of laughter in FOMC meetings as a sign that the Fed was not fully cognizant of the coming financial storm. Today’s chart adds another component to this, overlaying Fed laughs with Case Shiller residential real estate price index, via Elliot-today. Perhaps the best way…Read More

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Economic Indicators Dashboard

Source: Russell Investments

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Source: The Fix

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Living With Extreme Weather

click for full size interactive site Source: Bloomberg Visual Data

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Source: Economist

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New Population of the US in Units of Canadas

Source: Stephen’s Lighthouse

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Wealthometer: How Does Your Houshold Wealth Compare?

Click for an interactive calculator. Source: Wealthometer   Income inequality has been all over the news this year. Political fights about raising the minimum wage are in the near future. A related, but just as fascinating, issue is how wealth is distributed. Click through on the calculator above, and you can see where your families…Read More

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