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Chart of the Week: Savings as a % of Disposable Personal Income

The U.S. savings rate has plummeted since 1980, from over
10% to under 1%.

Savings as a % of Disposable Personal Income
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Source: Detroit News

AP reports that “every American man, woman and child” owes
$145,000. That is the cost of the long-term promises the U.S. government has
made to creditors, retirees, veterans and the poor. That doesn’t include
credit card bills, mortgages — all the debt we’ve racked up personally.


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Quote of the Day:

"All progress is based upon a
universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its
-Samuel Butler

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Amazon Customer Service Number

Long story short: I had a big pain with an Amazon order fuck up. It was lost, they made good and shipped a new order, than 2 months later the original order shows up. Trying to return it was abominable without a customer service number — which they make nearly impossible to find. Here it…Read More

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