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Amazon May Soon Become a ‘Top 10′ Retailer

Isabel Cavill, an analyst at Planet Retail, talks about the outlook for consumer spending and online retailers including Inc. She speaks with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

Bloomberg, Nov. 24

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Daily Deals by the Numbers

In light of Groupon’s IPO, have a look at this cool graphic from BuySellAds: > Thanks, Scott!

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How Much Money Will Consumers Spend This Holiday Season?

Click to enlarge graphic: Source: How Much Money Will Consumers Spend This Holiday Season? Mashable, November 1, 2011

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American Familys’ Money: Where Does It Go?

Interesting chart showing a breakdown of where the family budget goues: via infographiclist

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Mazda RX-8 Bites The Dust

Declining sales and new emission standards forced Mazda to finally pull the plug on the RX-8, the last of its rotary engine sports cars. > Here’s Motorward: The production of this car has been canceled back in July, and the remaining cars will be sold before the year end, and then the RX-8 will be…Read More

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Amazon Apple Parallel Charts’s stock-market value exceeded $100 billion yesterday for the first time, and anyone looking at how closely the world’s largest online retailer has tracked Apple Inc. might have predicted as much. The chart above shows the market capitalization of the two companies during the past five years.’s value jumped ninefold in the period as…Read More

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Best Buy (BBY): Amazon’s (AMZN) Showroom?

Bloomberg television ran a brief segment in which they posited that Best Buy (BBY) has effectively become Amazon’s (AMZN) biatch.  And I think there’s some truth to that.  This is no doubt one of the consequences of a population that walks around with smartphones running barcode scanning applications that allow us to see, touch, examine, try…Read More

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Holidays by the Numbers

Even more holiday chart porn, via Daily Infographic: > click for ginormous infographic:

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Retail Sales Increase Most in 5 years

Leading into the holiday period, the data — and by data, I refer to actual sales numbers, and not surveys, gut feelings or instincts — was strongly suggesting that the 2010 orgy of consumerism known as the holiday shopping season was likely to be stronger than expected. The first clue I had of this was…Read More

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By the Numbers: Online Holiday Shopping

My buddy Jeff, who worked at Yahoo during the glory days of the late 1990s and early 2000s, then was President of, sends this graphic along re: online shopping: > click for ginormous graphic > Source: A Case Of The Mondays: How Cyber And Green Mondays Rule Online Shopping December 17th, 2010

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