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97% Consensus (File Under Stuff You Should Know By Now)

Source: Skeptical Science

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Significant Climate Anomalies June 2014

Click for the ginormous version. Source: NOAA

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Apollo 11 Retrospective: ‘One We Intend To Win’

Source: Space

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Which disease is most likely to kill you across the planet?

Source: Salon

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Source: Climate Desk

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Source: World Economic Forum

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How Brain Electro-stim Improves Cognitive Functions

From Radiolab:

9-Volt Nirvana

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El Niño and Rainfall

Source: Know More   From meteorologist Paul Douglas: According to scientists at NOAA and NASA May was the warmest on record, worldwide. It was the 351st month in a row of global temperatures warmer than the 20th century average. Measurements of global temperatures are consistently rising, especially over the last half century. As the World…Read More

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Inaction on climate change

Source: World Economic Forum

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The Values of Science

Robert Krulwich’s commencement speech at California Institute of Technology gets at the heart of what Radiolab does.

From RadioLab

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