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A Guide to the Cosmos

Via the NYT discussion of “Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle,” we get these outstanding photos, an “an exquisite picture guide to the universe by Michael Benson, a photographer, journalist and filmmaker, and obviously a longtime space buff.”

The Andromeda Galaxy

Cat’s Paw Nebula

The colliding Antenna Galaxies

Carina Nebula (note the eerily suspended Bok Globules — larva-like clouds of molecular hydrogen, helium and silicate dust visible throughout the nebula)

Pillars of Creation” in the Eagle Nebula

Witch Head Nebula

Carina Nebula

NGC 2264, the region surrounding and including the Cone Nebula

Crab Nebula

Horsehead Nebula

“Anemic” galaxy NGC 4921

NGC 6559

The Pelican Nebula

The Snake Nebula

Rosette Nebula

Books on Science: A Guide to the Cosmos, in Words and Images
NYT, January 4, 2010

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Statistics: Scientific Consensus on Climate Change?

One of the memes I’ve heard recently in the climate debate is that there is no scientific consensus — that there is actually strong disagreement. The main basis of this argument is that 31,486 dissenting scientists have signed a petition against the belief that Global Warming is man made at the I don’t want…Read More

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Solving the Climate Debate

Here is a fascinating suggestion — from an economist, yet — on how to reconcile the debate between those who believe Global Warming is real and man-made, versus those who don’t: “To end this political stalemate, Dr. McKitrick proposes calling each side’s bluff. He suggests imposing financial penalties on carbon emissions that would be set…Read More

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The Known Universe

The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world’s most complete four-dimensional map of the universe, the Digital Universe Atlas that is maintained and updated…Read More

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Finding Planets in Other Solar Systems

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Source: Looking for alien Earths? Here they come Space probes pick up exoplanets galore, beginning with the weirder ones Alan Boyle Dec . 11, 2009

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Hubble’s Festive View of a Grand Star-Forming Region

Fantastic photo from Hubble: Hat tip GMSV

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H1N1 Not So Deadly After All . . .

Back in October, we discussed what I described as an over reaction to Swine flu: H1N1 Fatality Rates: Overreaction? Many of the comments disagreed. The WSJ reports today that 1 in 6 Americans were exposed to H1N1, and of those “47 million Americans who were sickened with swine flu from April to mid-November, 9,820 of…Read More

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Dumb Discovery of the Day: All Men Watch Porn

Here is yet something else I missed while out to sea last week:  All men watch porn, scientists find. Regular readers know I am very pro-Science, but I cannot see how this research adds anything: “We started our research seeking men in their 20s who had never consumed pornography,” said Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse. “We…Read More

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What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn

Roy Prol wonders: What the rings would look like from different cities and latitudes accross the world. It’s interesting to imagine how it would effect culture throughout time. It would have influenced religion, mythology, navigation, etc.. Hat tip kottke

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Climate Skeptics vs Scientific Consensus

I love information, and I especially appreciate a good depiction of information. This ginormous graphic, from Information is Beautiful, does an excellent job conveying a lot of info in an easily digestible manner: Global Warming Skeptics versus Scientific Consensus click for ginormo chart

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