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Active Denial System: non-lethal, directed-energy weapon

Fascinating report on the Pentagon’s Active Denial System, a/k/a the Pentagon Ray-gun:

Quick excerpt:

What if we told you the Pentagon has a ray gun? And what if we told you it can stop a person in his tracks without killing or even injuring him? Well, it’s true. You can’t see it, you can’t hear it, but as CBS News correspondent David Martin experienced first hand, you can feel it.

Pentagon officials call it a major breakthrough which could change the rules of war and save huge numbers of lives in Iraq. But it’s still not there. That because in the middle of a war, the military just can’t bring itself to trust a weapon that doesn’t kill.

The Pentagon’s Ray Gun
David Martin
CBS 60 Minutes, March 2, 2008

Active Denial System

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Reconciling Cold Weather and a Warming Climate

Yesterday, I criticized those who made the claim that ““Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming” in my usual understated and charming way. I have to admit that the responses surprised me. First, I had no idea so many people rabidly disbelieve that 1) climate change is occurring and 2)…Read More

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Global Warming Denialists: We Suck at Math Also!

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Strange December

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Happy Turkey Day!

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MicroIslet Board of Directors

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The Stuff of Thought

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Quote of the Day: Logic

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Why Are Poor Countries Poor?

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Battle at Kruger: Lions, Buffalo, Crocodile

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