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Two New Stingrays Discovered in Amazon

Wicked cool:

Two new species of freshwater stingray have been discovered in the Amazon rain forest: Heliotrygon gomesi and Heliotrygon rosai

via Our Amazing Planet.

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State of Japan’s Power Grid

Nice graphic from the Washington Post: >

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Science: Rising in China, Crashing in Russia

Walter Derzko of Smart Economy gives us the heads up on this interesting map, showing citations in Chemistry papers (below). Thanks to some clever programming, plus Google Maps, we can see the distribution of the cities that produce more excellent papers than expected.  Similar figures are also available for physics and psychology. Note: Professors Loet…Read More

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How To Have A Rational Discussion

Thought Catalog explains how to have a Rational Discussion: > Hat tip Simolean Sense

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Are huge earthquakes linked?

> New “What is clear is that for the 6.2 years since 2004, there have been more great earthquakes around the world than in any 6.2-year period throughout the 110-year history of seismic recordings.” -Thorne Lay at the University of California, Santa Cruz. > Source: The megaquake connection: Are huge earthquakes linked? Catherine Brahic…Read More

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Video: Tsunami Wipes Out Oirase, Japan Harbor

March 11 eyewitness video: In under 10 minutes, a harbor in Oirase Town, Aomori Prefecture is wiped out. A huge dry area that completely fills with water, showing just how much Ocean is moved by the Tsunami.

Hat tip boingboing

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Earthquake/Nuclear Accident Warnings Ignored by Japan

“In the 40 years that Japan had been building nuclear plants, seismic activity was, fortunately or unfortunately, relatively quiet. Not a single nuclear facility was struck by a big quake. The government, along with the power industry and the academic community, all developed the habit of underestimating the potential risks posed by major quakes. “Since…Read More

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Perigee Moon

Via NASA >

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Understanding the Radioactivity at Fukushima

A physics and engineering perspective Prof. Ben Monreal, UCSB Department of Physics > Understanding the radioactivity at Fukushima ~~~ > Understanding the radioactivity at Fukushima View more presentations from ritholtz.

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Radiation Dose Chart

Via xkcd comes this very informative chart on radiation exposure: > click for ginormous graphic > Sources: > Hat tip Flowing Data

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