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Iowa Floodwaters

Insane photos of Iowa flooding from Boston Globe’s new blog, which they somehow cleverly named "The Big Picture" (bastards!).

Beyond the devastation to humans, the impact of the flooding Mississippi on food prices, insurance and farm land destruction will be quite significant:




The full run of photos are here (via kottke)

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World Clock

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Active Denial System: non-lethal, directed-energy weapon

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Reconciling Cold Weather and a Warming Climate

Yesterday, I criticized those who made the claim that ““Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming” in my usual understated and charming way. I have to admit that the responses surprised me. First, I had no idea so many people rabidly disbelieve that 1) climate change is occurring and 2)…Read More

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Global Warming Denialists: We Suck at Math Also!

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Strange December

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Happy Turkey Day!

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MicroIslet Board of Directors

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The Stuff of Thought

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Quote of the Day: Logic

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